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Support your Wellbeing at Work

In my recent article for Dentistry, I explore what we can be doing at work to empower ourselves towards better wellbeing, through implementation of movement, a healthy diet and mindfulness.

Here is an overview of my shared strategies:


Breathwork can be an effective tool when it comes to stress management. Techniques including the box breathing technique have been shown to help rebalance us in a high pressure environment. Nasal breathing also confers several health benefits.


Yoga encompasses controlled breathwork, meditation & physical movement, a combination which conveys health benefits to both body & mind. Consider chairside yoga or a short session of mindful movement before lunch. The positive effects of yoga are well cited including reduced levels of circulating cortisol, the stress hormone. Even just five minutes can make a difference.


What we eat influences how we feel and perform. Diet not only impacts physical wellbeing but emotional and mental wellbeing too. Take time to prepare a lunchbox at home, choosing nutrient-rich foods that offer sustenance without spiking blood sugar. Build a positive health culture at work, supplying healthy snacks such as fresh fruit.


Bring your bottle of water with you while you work and sip throughout the day. Choose hydrating drinks like herbal teas over coffee.


Feel the fresh air and even better, move in it. Being surrounded by nature brings bountiful benefits. Starting your day in natural light is essential to regulation of your circadian rhythm. Evidence shows that connecting with nature promotes stress reduction and relaxation. Be it a lunchtime walk in a green space, or cycling to and from work, benefits can extend from supporting immune health to improving metabolism, mental health and wellbeing.


During the winter months (from October to April) there is insufficient direct sunlight to synthesise vitamin D (namely D3) in our bodies. Taking a D3 supplement positively impacts immune & bone health as well as helping reduce stress, support mood & mental wellbeing.

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